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I begin this blog, motivated by my good friends at Redbubble.

I have been invited to participate in the promotion of my fellow artists and support a good cause in the meantime. Sounds like a win, win situation to me. I feel honoured to be part of such a diverse and talented community, for my part as a humble photographer.

At the top of this blog, I have added the top crop of one of the few images which motivated me, and inspired me to continue Photography. Especially when I am abroad. This image was taken with a simple Canon A80 compact camera back in 2003. Three images stitched in Photoshop. My wife and I were on our way back up the south coast of Iceland to bathe in the blue lagoon. I just had to stop, and you can see why. The image was taken at the amazing Jökulsárlón glacier lake. This place is a must see when or if you ever have the chance to go. Just one of many of the amazing natural wonders of Iceland. I sound like a bloody commercial! I loved it there. In my definite top 5 places to visit before you die. I hope one day to return. But that moment has passed, is now recorded, and most probably never to be repeated, in my line of sight, in my lifetime. This image reminds me, every time, why a pick up the camera.

You can find a few more at my Redbubble page as well as other images of a few of the places i have been able to visit.

As well as this blog being a place to cross promote other artists, I figured I might as well add my tales of travel and leave a few images behind along the way. Maybe i’ll drop some hints on a few good places to eat, drink, and see while i’m at it.