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Unfortunately the link to the slide show has been removed. I will have to venture how to use this blog to post the images.

First 12 images are of Siracusa on the island of Ortigia.

13 & 14 were taken while on the road to and from towns.

15-35 & 37 are of Ragusa.

38-43 & 50 were taken in Noto.

36, 44-49 were all taken in the Vindicari National Park.

51-53 are also in Noto taken at night and converted to Black and White.

54-68 are of the town of Modica.

67-74 are on the roads around and in Noto Antica.

75-79 we are back in Siracusa, at the Taberna Sueva. First on the Global Restaurants to visit page here.

80-86 are all taken at our accommodation just outside Noto, Masseria Degli Ulivi.

I am yet to decide what to place on my Redbubble site. Some feedback would be helpful.

Happy travels.