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Unfortunately the link to the slide show has been removed. I will have to venture how to use this blog to post the images.

First 12 images are of Siracusa on the island of Ortigia.

13 & 14 were taken while on the road to and from towns.

15-35 & 37 are of Ragusa.

38-43 & 50 were taken in Noto.

36, 44-49 were all taken in the Vindicari National Park.

51-53 are also in Noto taken at night and converted to Black and White.

54-68 are of the town of Modica.

67-74 are on the roads around and in Noto Antica.

75-79 we are back in Siracusa, at the Taberna Sueva. First on the Global Restaurants to visit page here.

80-86 are all taken at our accommodation just outside Noto, Masseria Degli Ulivi.

I am yet to decide what to place on my Redbubble site. Some feedback would be helpful.

Happy travels.


Top of the list this week is Rose Atkinson’s image Diagonal. I love this image. It is a great example of simple photography. Rosa has an outstanding and original portfolio that i highly recommend viewing here.

One of my favourite entries is Peter Hill’s entry Urban Lines Project – Pyrmont Path. To me this image is a fine example of lines and their effect on everyday urban life.

My entry was New York City 8. This image was taken at the previous World Trade Centre site. New York City is a architectural photographers wet dream. Everywhere you look there are shapes and shades, lines and shadows, reflections and of course, people. I have a journal about my trip to the USA here.

This time i will add another three more entries, just for my love of lines.

Redtempa’s image Movement Of The People. A wonderful example of a long exposure. If you love Black and White photography, i suggest visiting his portfolio here.

Adriana Glackin’s image drawing the line is a wonderful example of lines in nature, as is PeteG’s image Golden Reeds.

Don’t forget, all this work is in aid of exposure to The Gift of Art, where all profits will be donated to Cancer Research charity. You can purchase art from The Gift of Art, here.

See you next Challenge.

Diagonal by Rose Atkinson

Urban Lines Project – Pyrmont Path by Peter Hill

New York City 8 by Adrian Rachele

Movement Of The People by Redtempa

drawing the line by Adriana Glackin

Golden Reeds by PeteG

I was requested to offer images to The Gift of Art. All proceeds will be donated to the current selected charity.

Warning Rainbow by Adrian Rachele

Perspective of Paris by Adrian Rachele

Window into Budapest by Adrian Rachele