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The aim of this task was to capture your home.

Amanda Cottons beautifully framed and precisely captured entry Steps in the Sand finished first. This image draws you in, like you are sitting there on the sand, soaking up the sun, along with Amanda. I wish i lived near such a beach and to say the least, I am very jealous. It has been a very long time between dips in the salty sea. Not so for Amanda though as she is a big underwater and landscape photography fan. Her portfolio is well worth a visit.

Jemima (lovesbigted) is an avid Redbubbler and one hell of a street photographer slash graphic artist, and has pulled out a wonderful suburban urban image Night Scene 2. My favourite. The use of light is perfect, and composition well structured. Just like your walking down the street.

I decided to plaster my entry up. I love this image, which is rare, as I tend to be my worst critic. It is not easy to take images on the streets in East London. Just the other day, while taking a photo of the front of the pub in which the sign in the image is for, i was abused! Not the first time this has happened. It is not easy being a street photographer these days. No longer carries prestige, but instead seems to be seen as a threat. My image Home was taken a the top of my street.

Steps in the Sand by Amanda Cotton

Night Scene 2 by Jemima


Home by Adrian Rachele