Silly thing No.1

Dust on the sensor.

There is a worry for many about the dust that will eventually appear on the sensor. Many of the new DSLRs will have a self cleaning facility built into the camera. If this fails, i recommend a tried and tested method, use an air blower. Before you rush out and purchase all the sensor cleaning swabs and liquid, or miracle brushes, purchase yourself a reasonable priced air blower like Giottos Q.Ball. I stupidly saw dust on my sensor, panicked, and purchased a load of cleaning equipment i have not yet used. I have been using DSLRs for the last few years, owned two DSLRs and have not had to touch the sensor. Just follow your camera’s instructions for cleaning the sensor (this will involve exposing the sensor), give it a good blow, and check. Nine times out of ten, you will not have to touch a thing. Ten out of ten for me, so far….

Stay tuned for tip number 2.